WBM Express introduced to Cowichan Valley Regional Board in June 2013


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Watershed Sustainability: Cowichan Valley is a leader by example

In June 2013, Kim Stephens (Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC) met with the Cowichan Valley Regional Board to formally recognize the Cowichan Valley Regional District as a “Champion Supporter” of the Partnership, elaborate on how the benefits of inter-regional collaboration flow in both directions, and showcase the work-in-progress Water Balance Model Express for Landowners (“WBM Express”).

Think Like a Watershed

“What I think is really interesting about this valley is that you are getting people to think like a watershed,” observed Kim Stephens. “There seems to be a watershed consciousness here. People seem to be aware of the watershed that they live in. Hence, the first thing that Express users will do when they go to this web-based tool will be to click on MY WATERSHED. That will then take them to the their watershed.”

“Behind the scenes, the WBM Express will be populated with three watershed-specific performance targets for mimicking the Natural Water Balance. There is a volume number, an infiltration area number and a baseflow release rate to sustain flow in creeks. Tool users need not worry about what is going on in terms of the science. We just want them to focus on solutions on their properties.”

“The innovation behind this tool, and this is where a lot of effort has been invested over the past year, has been to come up with an interface that is no more complex than the dash board of a typical car.”

Recognition of Kate Miller

The presentation by Kim Stephens provided the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of CVRD staff, in particular Kate Miller who has been a champion for innovation and environmental leadership. She is the CVRD’s Manager of Environmental Policy, and represents CVRD on the Partnership.

Ladysmith Mayor Rob Hutchins, Board Chair, singled out Kate Miller for praise: “The Regional Board is committed to achieving the vision that we share for watershed sustainability in our region. We also appreciate the leadership shown by Kate Miller in guiding the CVRD to the destination. Kate truly is a champion. She is demonstrating how benefits flow to this region because we collaborate with other regions.”

To Learn More:

To download a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation by Kim Stephens, click on Rainwater Management in a Watershed Sustainability Context: Cowichan Valley Regional District is a leader by example.

To view  the video of the presentation that is posted on the CVRD website, click here. Go to Regional Services Committee meeting on June 26, 2013.

Chair Rob Hutchins (Mayor, Town of Ladysmith) – Kate Miller (Manager, Environmental Policy Division) – Kim Stephens (Partnership for Water Sustainability)

Chair Rob Hutchins (Mayor, Town of Ladysmith) – Kate Miller (Manager, Environmental Policy Division) – Kim Stephens (Partnership for Water Sustainability)