"Partnership for Water Sustainability appreciates prompt action by Metro Vancouver Regional Board to fund WBM Express," says Tim Pringle


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Five Weeks from Start to Finish

On September 14, 2011 the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC asked Metro Vancouver to contribute $50,000 in co-funding to develop the Water Balance Model Express for Landowners. Five weeks later, on October 19, the Regional Board amended the 2012 Draft Budget.

Tim Pringle (120p)“The 5-week turnaround in completing all the steps necessary to facilitate the Partnership’s request for co-funding was absolutely amazing,” states Tim Pringle, Partnership President.  “When one considers what had to be accomplished by so many individuals in a compressed period of time, it truly was unbelievable how quickly things came together. The Partnership for Water Sustainability appreciates the prompt action by Metro Vancouver Regional Board to co-fund the WBM Express.”

“We are indebted to the efforts of Metro Vancouver staff. Within one week of being given direction by the Waste Management Committee to consult with the Regional Engineers Advisory Committee (REAC), they conducted a questionnaire survey of member municipalities. Then, a week later, they had prepared a report for REAC that set the stage for a recommendation of support from REAC on October 7.”

“The rapid pace continued. The Waste Management Committee met on October 12. They accepted the REAC recommendation and moved it forward for approval by the Board the following week (October 19). Five weeks from start to finish. Truly, truly amazing,” concluded Tim Pringle.

To Learn More:

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