Metro Vancouver Regional Engineers Advisory Committee recommended funding the WBM Express in October 2011


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WBM Express – A Key Tool to Meet Regulatory Requirements in the Metro Vancouver Region

In mid-September 2011, Kim Stephens (Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC) met with the elected representatives on Metro Vancouver’s Waste Management Committee. He requested a requested a $50,000 grant to trigger matching f1KimStephens_2010_120pederal funding for development of the Water Balance Model Express for Landowners.

The committee directed Metro Vancouver staff to obtain guidance from the Regional Engineers Advisory Committee (REAC) and report back with a recommendation. Three weeks later, Albert van Roodselaar (Division Manager, Utility Planning Department) presented the funding request to REAC.

REAC Recommendation

“The purpose of the request is to obtain input from REAC members regarding their municipal use of the Water Balance Model (WBM), and whether or not they believe Albert van Roodselaar_120pthere is value if Metro Vancouver were to agree to the $50,000 request for co-funding to further develop the model,” wrote Albert van Roodselaar. “This information will be reported to the Waste Management Committee to help them decide on this funding request.”

REAC passed a Resolution that it believed the Water Balance Model Express Module will provide benefit to member municipalities and recommended supporting the grant request.

To Learn More:

Click on Funding Request for Water Balance Model Partnership to download a copy of the report that Albert van Roodselaar presented to REAC on October 7, 2011.

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