Metro Vancouver elected representatives voted to support the WBM Express in October 2011


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Waste Management Committee Moved Quickly to Facilitate Funding Request by Water Balance Model Partnership

When the Metro Vancouver Waste Management Committee (WMC) met in September 2011, it received a request from the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC to co-fund development of the Water Balance Model Express for Landowners. The action item resulting from the discussion was a recommendation from the Regional Engineers Advisory Committee (REAC).

When the WMC met in October 2011, the recommendation from REAC to support the funding request was introduced as on-table item.

West Vancouver Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones_120p“The recommendation by REAC provided the Waste Management Committee with what we needed to keep the process moving forward,” stated (former) West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones. “We voted to support the request for a $50,000 grant and our next step was to refer the request to the Metro Vancouver Regional Board for their consideration.” The Board approved the request a week later on October 19, 2011.

To Learn More:

Click on Funding Request for Water Balance Model Partnership to download a copy of the report that Albert van Roodselaar presented to the Waste Management Committee on October 12, 2011.

Click on Minutes of October 2011 Waste Management Committee Meeting to download a copy of the decision to support the funding request.

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