Webinar Back by Popular Demand: "Andy Reese on the Pitfalls of Voodoo Hydrology"


Note to Reader:

Andy Reese is a leading American water resources engineer and popular writer, speaker, and co-author of the best-selling textbook Municipal Stormwater Management. He is known for his mantra: Stormwater – Back to the Future.

He is a recognized national leader in the development of local stormwater programs, LID design, green infrastructure, and financing studies for local government including participating in and managing the development of over 25 stormwater utilities.

In February 2013, Andy Reese delivered a webinar for Forester University titled Voodoo Hydrology – Pitfalls of Urban Hydrology Methods & What You Need to Know. The webinar triggered an overwhelming response. So much so that Andy Reese will be delivering a second webinar on Voodoo Hydrology on January 30, 2014. For registration information, click here.


Voodoo Hydrology: Pitfalls of Urban Hydrology Methods and What You Need to Know

For years, we have relied upon common urban stormwater hydrologic design methodologies and trusted their results. But, should we? Join Andy Reese as he returns (back by popular demand) to expose the black box of urban hydrology.

In this webinar, Andy will, with his normal humor, “lay bare” the popular urban stormwater methodologies, as well as their key elements, assumptions, most common misuses, and proper application.

Join Andy in exploring the inner workings of some of the most popular urban stormwater methodologies, as well as their common misuse and misapplications. Through discussion of the associated elements and pitfalls, participants will gain comprehensive understanding of urban stormwater hydrologic methods and their proper application to employ in their urban stormwater hydrologic design.

Andy-Reese_humorist writer_120p“Urban hydrology, as commonly practiced, is an inexact science at best. If we were omniscient, we could do an exact job of urban hydrology. Instead, we rely on engineering judgment and guesswork, ultimately striking a compromise between accuracy and data availability, and resulting in an answer that is close to correct,” says Andy Reese.

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