NEWS FROM WASHINGTON, DC: Residents Manage Stormwater Projects with "Green Up DC" Web Mapping Application

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Online Tool Aids in Sustainable Project Planning

Green Up DC is an online tool to help District of Columbia property owners design, plan, and install green projects on their properties. The tool walks users through the process of choosing a project, calculating the costs and benefits, and finding vendors. The tool even includes information on D.C. stormwater fees and discounts. On the site, users can also find other installed projects and many guidance resources.

GreenUp-DC2Green Up DC features an intuitive map-centric interface. Users can choose from 14 project types. The site also offers energy conservation projects including solar electricity and hot water, air sealing and insulation, hot water conservation, and duct sealing repair. The application is fast and simple to use. A homeowner can simply type in an address, zoom to the property, and draw the location of energy conservation or stormwater projects, using an aerial photo background as a guide.

RiverSmart Homes

Green Up DC complements the District’s RiverSmart Homes program which offers incentives to homeowners interested in reducing stormwater pollution from their properties.

“Many stormwater problems are the result of excessive runoff from hard, impervious surfaces such as roofs, sidewalks, and driveways,” said Jenny Guillaume, an environmental protection specialist in the watershed protection division of the District Department of Environment. “Anyone can visit the Green Up DC site to look at their own property and find out how to reduce stormwater.”

“We hope to see more people implementing projects and sharing projects. We would love this tool to help homeowners plan and complete their projects.”

To Learn More:

To access the Green Up DC website, click here.

To view a  2-minute YouTube that explains Green Up DC, reportedly the first-of-its-kind web portal, click here.

To contact Jenny Guillaume:

To download a PowerPoint presentation by Jenny Guillaume, click on RiverSmart Homes – clean water starts here.

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