Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC hosts "A Training Workshop on the Water Balance Methodology & Model" (postponed to 2014)

Note to Reader:

On December 4, 2013, the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC is holding a training workshop. The subject is the Water Balance Methodology and Model. To download a copy of the Workshop Overview, click here. This includes registration information.



Learn How to Set Watershed Targets

“By 2002, looking at rainfall differently led the Province of British Columbia to adopt the Water Balance Methodology, initiate a performance target approach to capturing rain where it falls, and initiate changes in the ways rainwater runoff is returned to streams. This science-based approach  to rainwater management was formalized in Ted-van-der-Gulik_Jan-2013_v4_120pStormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia,” states Ted van der Gulik, Water Balance Model Chair.

“The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC is the steward for the Guidebook, has embraced the notion of shared responsibility, and is advancing a science-based approach to rainwater management.”

“These are three reasons why the Partnership is promoting the Water Balance Methodology as the foundation piece for setting watershed targets. While it was an inter-governmental partnership that developed the Water Balance Model, with the goal of facilitating consistent application of the Methodology, drainage modellers do need to understand that the actual Methodology is independent of software platform.”

Primer on Water Balance Methodology

“Over the past decade, the Water Balance Methodology has evolved to incorporate the latest advances in our scientific knowledge and to address a number of deficiencies in commonly applied Rainwater Management Strategies,” continues Kim 05_Kim-Stephens_March-2013_120pStephens, Partnership Executive Director and workshop facilitator.

“In conjunction with the workshop, we will be releasing the Primer on the Water Balance Methodology. This will provide drainage practitioners with guidance for quantifying watershed performance targets.”

WBM_Watershed Performance Targets

Two Workshops in One

The workshop is designed for local government staff, engineers, planners and environmental managers. The workshop comprises two stand-alone parts:

  • WATER BALANCE METHODOLOGY: The morning program is designed for those who are involved in Integrated Stormwater Management Planning (ISMP) processes and/or may play a technical role in ESTABLISHING WATERSHED TARGETS.
  • WATER BALANCE MODEL EXPRESS: The afternoon program is designed for those who are involved in ISMP processes and/or may have input into IMPLEMENTING WATERSHED TARGETS.

Prospective workshops attendees have choices: morning only, afternoon only, all day.

To Learn More:

To download a flyer, click on Workshop Overview to learn more about the program and how to register.

REGISTER BY November 20 for these Early Bird Rates:

  • Half-Day = $125 plus GST or
  • Full Day = $175 plus GST

For additional background about the application of performance targets, click on Water Balance Model Express for Landowners: Meeting Watershed Targets at the Site Scale in North Vancouver District.


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