“Green infrastructure makes sense for the Milwaukee region,” says Kevin Shafer



Note to Reader:

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District has created a systematic plan to implement widespread green infrastructure. As a regional agency, the District is uniquely positioned to lead green infrastructure planning for the Milwaukee region and has funding to undertake the work. Technical analyses for the region’s impervious surfaces, costs/benefits, and recommendations have all been completed.

In July 2013, the District’s Commission approved a Regional Green Infrastructure Plan. To celebrate the moment, the Milwaukee -Wisconsin Journal Sentinel published an article by Kevin Shafer, executive director of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. 


Reducing the Impact of Stormwater

“As one of the true believers and maybe the biggest proponent of green infrastructure in this region, let me be the first to tell you, it will not solve all of this area’s water pollution problems,” wrote Kevin Shafer.

“But widespread green infrastructure will be a huge step forward toward our goals of zero basement backups and sewer overflows, fewer beach closings, reduced energy costs, reduced carbon emissions and safer drinking water.”


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To download a copy of the Regional Green Infrastructure Plan, click here (PDF / 34MB).