Water Bucket provides "home" for telling the story of the Vancouver Island Coordinating Team



Convening for Action on Vancouver Island

Initiated by three provincial Ministries in December 2006 to facilitate a consistent, science-based approach to rainwater management and green infrastructure, the Vancouver Island Coordinating Team (VICT) is moving forward with an outreach program that involves meeting with local governments to generate dialogue and build bridges.

“To help VICT team tell their story, the Water Bucket Website Partnership has created a home on the Rainwater Management cMike tanner (120p)ommunity-of-interest for VICT to post articles about its mission and outreach activities,” Mike Tanner, Website Chair, has announced. “The Water Bucket vision is that our communities-of-interest will evolve into communiities-of-practice.”


A Message from the VICT Chair

“It is a pleasure to introduce the important work of the Vancouver Island Coordinating Jay bradley (120p)Team through this forum on the Water Bucket,” states Jay Bradley, VICT Chair. Jay Bradley is a Policy Analyst with ithe Crown Land Administration Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Prior to joining the Province, Jay Bradley’s backfground was in local government planning and subdivision development.


About VICT

“VICT is a grassroots coordinating team with representation from various jurisdictions and disciplines across Vancouver Island.   We aim to be inclusive, realising that VICT (120p)communication and collaboration are key to success.   Beyond building partnerships and strengthening local sustainability initiatives, VICT’s goal is to build local capacity for change.”

According to Jay Bradley, VICT champions change on Vancouver Island by:

  • Helping local government improve rainwater practices by providing access to resources and local expertise;
  • Demonstrating practical, cost-effective, ecologically functional solutions to common problems that apply across all landscapes;
  • Promoting knowledge transfer and showcasing innovative on-the-ground projects; and
  • Aligning efforts across disciplines and across organizations to advance the state-of- the-practice of rainwater management on Vancouver Island.

“Rainwater management has come a long way.  Fifty some years ago the use of dynamite to ‘manage’ watercourses  was not uncommon.  ‘Blast it, pave it and pipe it’ could have been the mantra of the past, but it has also become the calling card for change.  VICT is preparing the way; it is helping communities think about What We Want Vancouver Island to Look Like in 50 years, and beyond.”

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Posted August 2009