The History of VICT



Mission of Coordinating Team: Promote ‘Sustainable Drainage’ on Vancouver Island

In 2006, three provincial Ministries and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) formed a Vancouver Island Coordinating Team to facilitate a consistent, science-based approach to rainwater management on Vancouver Island. The three Ministries were Environment, Agriculture & Lands, and Community Services.

The vision for a Water Balance Model VI Coordinating Team originated with Jay Bradley (Ministry of Agriculture & Lands), a member of the Water Balance Model inter-governmental steering committee.

Jay bradley (120p) - vict chair“Our Ministries decided to align our efforts and collaborate with DFO because we believe this will enable us to be collectively more effective in achieving desirable rainwater management outcomes. We are providing local governments and the development community on Vancouver Island with the tools and experience that will help them design with nature”, explained Jay Bradley.


Convening for Action on Vancouver Island

Initially established as a regional sub-group of the Inter-Governmental Partnership, the mission of the Coordinating Team was expanded in 2007 and it also became the local government arm of CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island.

This dual role led to a shortening of the name to Vancouver Island Coordinating Team and the use of the acronym VICT.


To Learn More:

To read the complete story posted in 2006, click on Province forms coordinating team to promote ‘Sustainable Drainage’ on Vancouver Island.


Posted December 2009