From Pipe Dreams to Healthy Streams: An Integrated Stormwater Management Plan for Still Creek Watershed




Sustainability Framework

Metro Vancouver’s Sustainable Region Initiative identifies the need for a series of management plans to address delivery of services according to the principles of sustainability. The plans set strategic direction and formalize policies and actions for regional mandates that provide for the health and economic benefit of the region, and that take a long-term view to ensure that resources used today are still available for future generations.


Still Creek Urban Watershed

The Still Creek watershed covers an area of approximately 28 km2 within the Cities of Vancouver and Burnaby. It is a highly urbanized watershed with a population of over 100,000 residents.

The Still Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) provides the direction and sets priorities for Metro Vancouver and municipalities in the sustainable management of rainwater and stormwater within part of the Still Creek Brunette Drainage Area. Completed in 2005, the Still Creek ISMP was titled From Pipe Dreams to Healthy Streams.


Vision for Still Creek Watershed

The Still Creek ISMP proposes goals, strategies and actions that will reduce the impacts of flooding, steer Still Creek toward a more sustainable future, and over time allow Still Creek and its watershed to once again be considered the community amenity it once was.

The City of Vancouver and City of Burnaby have adopted their own version of this plan. Most of the goals, strategies and actions within the plan are primarily the responsibilities of the cities, but in accordance with the principles of sustainability, Metro Vancouver plans to work with the cities on the collaborative actions in this plan to help achieve the broader environmental and social goals.


2010 Update Report

In September 2010, Ed von Euw (Metro Vancouver Senior Engineer) presented an update on ISMP implementation to regional elected representatives.

“Metro Vancouver will continue to work with the member municipalities to Ed von euw (120p)complete the remaining short, medium and long-term collaborative actions. Vancouver and Burnaby are implementing the action items that are specific to each municipality and continue to collaborate with Metro Vancouver on the joint action items. The plan will be reviewed in 2019 in accordance with requirements in the LWMP,” reported Ed von Euw.


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Posted September 2010