Runoff First Flush: Fact or Fiction?



“The term 'first flush' has become more or less a given in stormwater quality issues, despite the fact that studies vary on its prevalence or regularity,” write Steve Burgon and Juliet Howe in the July-August 2010 issue of Stormwater Magazine.

The article describes the monitoring program by Salt Lake County, Utah, to find out if a first flush does indeed exist in their region and, if so, how that might impact considerations for potential stormwater treatment systems.

“In Salt Lake County, it does not appear that a strong first flush exists, which, for now, means ruling out an exclusively first-flush-treatment strategy,” conclude the authors.  They also noted that “the absence of a strong first flush in Salt Lake County follows suit with results from studies in other areas of the country and abroad.”



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Posted July 2010