YouTube Video: 'Where it falls – Re-inventing rainwater management in British Columbia's Capital Region'



Re-Inventing Rainwater Management

Released in February 2010 by the Environmental Law Clinic (ELC) at the University of Victoria, the study titled Re-Inventing Rainwater Re-Inventing rainwater management - cover (180p)Management: A Strategy to Protect Health and Restore Nature in the Capital Region documents how ‘green’ rainwater management has now been adopted by engineers, developers, planners and governments across North America.

The report also demonstrates that ‘Design with Nature’ approaches and Low Impact Development techniques are environmentally superior, and often are cheaper. In addition, they can provide incalculable benefits.


YouTube Video

A10-minute video produced by Holly Pattison at the Environmental Law Centre explores some of the problems associated with rainwater/stormwater runoff pollution in the Capital Regional District.

Holly pattison (120p) - elc program administrator“In addition to interviewing several experts and community leaders with knowledge of rainwater and stormwater issues, the film introduces the ELC report that offers a number of innovative solutions, many of which could be applied in the CRD region and beyond,” states Holly Pattison, ELC Program Administrator.

“The fact that we unexpectedly discovered a spill during Robert Bridgeman’s interview was really a mixed blessing. Although it was terrible to see such pollution in Douglas Creek, it provided us with a vivid example of what the ELC report is all about.  I hope this film and the longer version will be useful tools for the public to learn about stormwater pollution and for lawmakers to take action in order to protect the environment.”


Presentation to CRD Board

“We’re showing the short (10 minute) version when we make our Re-Inventing Rainwater Management presentation at the CRD Board meeting on Wednesday, July 28th at 10:30 AM.   There’s also a 30 minute version for TV, schools, etc. We will be calling on the Board to implement the strategy that we have proposed in Re-Inventing Rainwater Management,” states Calvin Sandborn, ELC Legal Director.

To view the video, click on Where it falls – Re-inventing rainwater management


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Posted July 2010