"Super Socks" Help Stem Pollution Runoff



Removal of Contaminants from Runoff

Scientists with the United States Agricultural Service (ARS) and their collaborators have improved on an existing method for removing contaminants from rainwater and stormwater runoff.

US agriculural research service - super sock (180p)Their results could provide surface waters with additional protection against runoff containing pollutants from point sources such as construction sites, storm waters and other urban landscapes.

“Filter socks” containing compost tucked into mesh tubes are used to capture some of the silt, heavy metals, fertilizers and petroleum products washed from compacted surface areas into nearby streams and rivers.

The scientists found that compost socks alone removed the majority of clay and silt particles that contribute to suspended solids in surface waters. However, socks with flocculation agents removed even more of the pollutants from runoff.

Connecting the Dots in British Columbia

“Given what I see getting flushed down the stormdrains every day and running off driveways these should be required for all catchbasins!,” comments Pamela Zevit, creator of the Watershed Wise Program in British Columbia

Watershed Wise is an education and awareness resource program designed to increase understanding of the value of urban watersheds and wildspaces.

Pamela zevit (360p)

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Posted August 2010