City of Coquitlam receives provincial grant to assess effectiveness of rainwater source control features



Infrastructure Planning Grant Program

VICTORIA – Thirty-nine communities across the province will share more than $360,000 in grants to help them develop plans for local infrastructure, Community and Rural Development Minister Bill Bennett announced on May 14, 2010.

“This funding helps local governments plan the kind of infrastructure that makes the Bill bennett (120p) - bc minister of community & rural developmentbest use of resources while also meeting community needs,” said Bennett. “Whether it’s upgrading the Bamfield water system, evaluating production wells in Quesnel or creating a regional water conservation plan in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, this funding lays the foundation for communities to build their future.”

The Infrastructure Planning Grant Program provides grants of up to $10,000 to help local governments plan, design and manage infrastructure. The communities that were chosen will use the funds for projects to improve infrastructure sustainability, such as long-term comprehensive plans and studies that assess the economic and environmental feasibility of proposed water, sewer, drainage and transportation infrastructure.

In past years, these grants have often led to supporting applications for capital infrastructure projects that have been submitted to programs such as Towns for Tomorrow and the Building Canada Fund – Communities Component.

The City of Coquitlam is one of the 39 communities receiving a grant. The purpose of the grant is to assess the effectiveness of rainwater source control features.


City of Coquitlam

As part of development in northeast Coquitlam, developers are required to install both on-site and off-site rainwater source controls to improve the environmental health of the watershed. As this is a new practice, the effectiveness under west coast climate conditions is being determined.

To this end, the city intends to measure the effectiveness of 300-mm absorbent topsoils for all grassed and vegetated areas, as well as infiltration trenches installed on private properties and pubic road boulevards.


Posted May 2010