Surface Water Management in the United States: "We have one chance to develop things right," says Andy Reese



Not all Stormwater Utilities succeed

“The nation’s first stormwater utility was established in 1974. Since that time, many successful stormwater utilities have been reaping the benefits of dedicated revenue to appropriately manage their stormwater needs. Some of these utilities were challenged legally in court but upheld. All were challenged in the more exacting court of public acceptance,” wrote Andy Reese in the September 2007 issue of Stormwater Magazine.

“Most places eventually realize and become willing to have a sound, comprehensive surface-water management program. They realize they cannot pay for it using current sources. That is, in fact, the bottom line in any discussion about our ability to improve stormwater management.”

“The cost of trying and failing may be high. But the cost of doing nothing is higher still. We have one chance to develop things right—to provide for safe and attractive neighborhoods, ecological balance, and clean water. If we mess it up, it will take decades and millions of dollars to fix it later.”

To read the complete story in Stormwater Magazine, click on “Really, it would have worked, but….” The article addresses the 10 most common reasons stormwater utilities fail because Andy Reese believes it is often more instructure to learn from a failure than a success.



Before STORMWATER, The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals, there was no single publication written specifically for  the professional involved with surface water quality issues, protection, projects, and programs.


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Posted March 2010