Stormwater Solutions: Curbing Toxic Runoff in Puget Sound



Stormwater–the rainwater that carries toxic pollutants off roofs, pavement, and yards–is a daunting challenge. It poisons waterways and kills salmon, causes erosion, and fills Northwest basements with smelly sludge.

But there's good news; we already know the best, cheapest solutions for curbing rainwater/stormwater runoff. In this series, Sightline Daily editor Lisa Stiffler investigates the fixes for stormwater–and what they cost. Stories in the series include:

  1. Smart, Cheap Stormwater Fixes
  2. Water Pollution Enemy is Us
  3. Jesus-Walking Salmon and Stormwater
  4. Stormwater's Costly, Stinky Wake-Up Call
  5. Put a LID on Stormwater
  6. How Much Petroleum Enters Puget Sound In Stormwater?
  7. Report: Curbing Stormwater Pollution
  8. Rain City Gardens

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Used with permission of the Sightline Institute, a not-for-profit research and communication center–a think tank–based in Seattle. Founded in 1993 by Alan Durning, Sightline's mission is to bring about sustainability, a healthy, lasting prosperity grounded in place. Sightline's focus is Cascadia, or the Pacific Northwest.


Posted January 2010