Low Impact Development Workshop: Managing Rainwater for Healthy Watersheds



Capturing Rain Where It Falls

The Capital Regional District hosted a workshop on Low Impact Development (LID) rainwater management techniques on November 28th 2009.  

“The workshop provided participants with an overview of what homeowners can do Brianne czypyha (120p) - crd to manage rainwater on their property,” reports Brianne Czypyha, Environmental Science Officer with the Stormwater, Harbours and Watersheds Programs.

“The workshop was a great success. Nearly 50 attendees learned about watershed management and variety of rainwater management techniques including rain gardens, green roofs and rainwater harvesting from local professionals.”

“Following the workshop the attendees were treated to a tour of rainwater management techniques at the University of Victoria by Sarah Webb, and a visit to a local home to see many of the techniques in action.”

For a workshop overview, click on Managing Rainwater for Healthy Watersheds.


Climate Change Adaptation

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Posted November 2009