VICT Co-Chair Chris Jensen explains why "today's expectations are tomorrow's standards" for rainwater management in British Columbia



Ministry of community development - leveraging change

Leveraging Change in BC

Over the past decade, British Columbia has made considerable progress in changing infrastructure practices through an educational approach. Now, the focus is on how the Province's grant programs provide incentives necessary to influence behaviour; and reward those who meet program objectives for doing business differently on-the-ground.

Chris jensen (90p)“Integration of legislative goals and strategies with grant programs is achieved through the combination of Eligibility Requirements, Evaluation Criteria, and Contract Conditions,” states Chris Jensen, VICT Co-Chair (and Infrastructure Resource Officer in the Ministry of Community & Rural Development).

The mantra “today's expectations are tomorrow's standards” is a core element of the Province's Green Communities Initiative; and was first announced at the 2007 Beyond the Guidebook Seminar co-organized by the Green Infrastructure Partnership and Water Balance Model Partnership, and held in Vancouver.

Regulatory and Legal Framework

At the Beyond the Guidebook, Chris Jensen explained the regulatory and legal framework. To download a document that tells the story of his presentation, click on Integration of Rainwater Management and Green Infrastructure: The Province's Perspective.

“The Ministry of Community and Rural Development has an increasing role in ensuring that local governments are advancing and changing the ways they plan and design their communities for the better.”

“The mandate of the Ministry has changed somewhat in recent years. Our mission is to promote sustainable, liveable communities; and rainwater management is a key element of green solutions.”

“We are slowly raising the bar for local government – for example, we are saying show us what you are doing to protect stream health. In our Ministry, we believe that change for the better will be created through the combination of education and financial incentives.”


Link to YouTube Video:

To view a video clip of Chris Jensen telling his story at the 2007 Beyond the Guidebook Seminar, click on Today's Expectations are Tomorrow's Standards.


Posted September 2009