Infrastructure Canada grant enables District of Sooke to develop Rainwater Management Plan



Innovative Approach Rewarded

In October 2007, the District of Sooke was one of nine communities across British Columbia to benefit from a total of $1.96 million in federal gas tax funding for capacity building and Integrated Community Sustainability (ICS) projects.  

The $100,000 grant from Infrastructure Canada has enabled development of the first stand-alone Rainwater Liquid Waste Management Plan in BC. The plan supports the development of rainwater/stormwater infrastructure that will sustain the health of watercourses and the near shore marine environment. By incorporating watershed-based approaches, the plan will contribute to the protection of Sooke's 14 fish bearing streams.


About the Liquid Waste Management Plan

The District of Sooke has recently completed construction of sewage collection and treatment facilities under a provincially mandated Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP). This three-stage process in now entering its final stage.

The LWMP process also requires the development of planning strategies for the long-term management of rainwater. Enhanced rainwater management will have direct effects on the environment (watercourses and watersheds), public health and well-being and the ways in which municipal infrastructure and private land is developed. The LWMP (Rainwater) Stage 1 provided an investigation of rainwater management options and has been approved by the provincial Ministry of Environment.

The District of Sooke is now proceeding with Stage 2 & 3 activities that will result in the development of the final plan for the management of rainwater. Council has formed a LWMP Advisory Committee – Rainwater. This committee will be instrumental in providing input to the District of Sooke and its consultants during the final plan development.


Posted January 2009