"Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO" currently in public Beta Trial mode (Aug 2008)

“The Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO is currently in public Beta Trial mode,” announced Ted van der Gulik. “The Inter-Governmental Partnership (IGP) anticipates that it will be September when the QA/QC process will be completed and the Beta Trail designation removed. During the interim period, the IGP is posting weekly status reports so that users are kept informed.”

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A Paradox of Nature: Designing rain gardens to be dry

“Rather than think of rain gardens primarily as wet environments, we should design them as dry environments that experience only brief wet periods. This shift in thinking increases opportunities for ornamental planting without sacrificing environmental performance,” writes Kevin Burrell in the October 2008 issue of Stormwater Magazine.

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Seeing is Believing: CRD Rainwater Tour a first in BC

Inspired by the City of Portland experience, Angela Evans developed three bicycle routes with the aid of a local cycling guru so that interested professionals and lay people could see firsthand examples of rainwater management on-the-ground.

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A Rain Garden to Stop the Rainfall in Lexington, Kentucky

The West Glendover Stormwater Improvement Project in Lexington, Kentucky is an unusal project that resulted from extraordinary cooperation on the part of all parties involved. Locating a rainwater/stormwater project in an arboretum stopped flooding to nearby homes, enhanced the arboretum's collection of plants, and allowed the public to see a large-scale rain garden.

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Everyone benefits when rainwater sinks where it falls in Elmhurst, Illinois

Rain gardens sound exotic, but they are really a low-tech way to help rain soak in where it falls, replenishing water supplies and reducing pollution in waterways. Roof gardens, on the other hand, have the same goals, but are something you should not try at home without the help of experts. Marcus de la fleur has installed both on his property in the City of Elmhurst, a Chicago suburb.

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