Inter-Governmental Partnership announces that integration of Water Balance Model web interface with QUALHYMO hydrologic engine is complete (Dec 2008)

An example of 'designing with nature' in the City of Courtenay on Vancouver island (2007)

An example of ‘designing with nature’ in the City of Courtenay on Vancouver island (2007)


Updated web interface uploaded and full functionality restored as of December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008 —- In June 2006, the Inter-Governmental Partnership (IGP) announced its plans to expand the capabilities of the Water Balance Model by integrating this web-based tool with the QUALHYMO hydrologic engine.

Commencing in mid-June 2008, the IGP had been issuing Weekly Status Reports regarding progress in completing integration. In October, the IGP switched to monthly reports.

This communication process has ensured that Project Partners and Paying Subscribers have been kept fully informed during the Beta Trial period.

Water Balance Model focus group session hosted by City of Surrey - 2008

Water Balance Model focus group session hosted by City of Surrey – 2008

Status of Work

At year-end, the IGP is pleased to report that:

  • All 43 items identified through the Ad Hoc Focus Group process have been completed.
  • Furthermore, an intensive QA/QC process has been undertaken to verify and validate that the WBM web interface and the QUALHYMO calculation engine are transferring data back and forth as intended.
  • Through the verification/validation process, a number of calculation problems had been identified and have now been corrected.

“On December 17 we uploaded an updated version of the WBM web interface,” stated Ted van der Gulik, IGP Chair.

“Accordingly, I am pleased to announce on behalf of the IGP steering committee and project team that full functionality of the Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO has been restored.”

2008_ted-van-der-gulik_120pAlso, in January, HELP icons will be populated with explanatory content,” he added. “This will conclude the current phase of work.”

“The IGP appreciates the feedback that users have been providing since July. As new ‘needs and wants’ are brought to our attention by the user community, we are compiling a list that will form the basis for the next phase of usability enhancements.”

“The IGP especially appreciates the patience of all users, in particular the Paying Subscribers.”

“The longer than anticipated Beta-testing period has had a silver lining in that numerous additional refinements have been incorporated in the web interface. The IGP believes these will ultimately result in a better user experience,” concluded Ted van der Gulik.

What is the Water Balance Model?

The new ‘Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO’ is unique, bridges engineering and planning, links development sites to the stream and watershed, and enables local governments to establish science-based runoff performance targets.

To Learn More:

Click on the following link to an article in the April 2008 issue of Runoff: Create Liveable Communities and Protect Stream Health: Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO integrates the site with the watershed and the stream.