Pervious Pavements: New findings about their functionality and performance in cold climates


Widespread misconception exists in the industry about pervious pavement systems, specifically about their functionality in cold-weather environments. According to Jeff Gunderson, writing in the September 2008 issue of Stormwater magazine:

  • “The prevalent belief is that pervious pavements are not an effective stormwater management option for cold-weather climates because of concerns related to diminished permeability during freezing and that the material is not durable enough to withstand freeze-thaw conditions.”

Cold climates are typically very hard on constructed systems; however, according to Dr. Robert Roseen, director of the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center, rainwater/stormwater management systems using infiltration and filtration mechanisms, if properly designed, can work well in cold-weather environments.

Dr. Roseen has been leading a four-year research effort focused on monitoring the year-round performance of a porous asphalt placement that was installed on the University of New Hampshire campus. To read the complete story, click here.



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Posted December 2008