Stormwater regulation in Puget Sound (Washington State) fails to protect water quality and salmon when it rains


“It rains a lot in Puget Sound. It is not surprising, then, that stormwater is the number-one source of pollution harming Puget Sound,” writes Sue Joerger in an Puget soundarticle published in the May 2008 issue of Stormwater magazine. She goes on to explain why the marine life living in Puget Sound is the ultimate indicator of the health of the sound.

“The truth about stormwater regulation in Puget Sound is that it is not working,” concludes Sue Joerger. “Even though stormwater has been a known source of pollution in Puget Sound for over 20 years and is now recognized as the primary source, Ecology has failed to develop an effective regulatory and enforcement strategy to protect water quality and salmon when it rains.”

Sue Joerger is the Puget Soundkeeper with the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance in Seattle, Washington.

To learn about the state of rainwater/stormwater practice in Puget Sound, click on this link to Landmark ruling requires Washington State cities and counties to take aggressive action to protect Puget Sound.



Before STORMWATER, The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals, there was no single publication written specifically for  the professional involved with surface water quality issues, protection, projects, and programs. To read the complete article by Sue Joerger, click on this link to Stormwater Regulation in Puget Sound.


Posted September 2008