The Four Levels: Improved Assessment of Rain Garden Performance


The September 2008 issue of Stormwater magazine includes an article about a new approach developed at the University of Minnesota that includes controlled testing as a key component in a four-level assessment program for determing if rain gardens are functioning properly. In order of increasing effort and cost, the four levels are:

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Infiltration capacity testing
  3. Synthetic runoff testing
  4. Monitoring

According to the authors, a multi-level assessment approach allows for the identificaition of problems, potential causes, and potential solutions. Therefore, they conclude, a three-level assessment (leves one, two and/or three) will thoroughly evaluate the ability of an infiltration practice to infiltrate and treat rainwater/stormwater. They recommend monitoring (level four) as a comprehensive assessment tool for a watershed with a number of low impact development practices, including rain gardens.

For the complete story, click on this link to The Four Levels: Improved assessment of rain garden performance by Gulliver et al as published in Stormwater magazine.



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Posted August 2008