City of Langford Rainwater Management: Managing Risk…Learning by Doing… Adapting…


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In November 2007, the Capital Regional District  hosted a full-day workshop titled Bio/Infiltration: Tools for Rainwater Management. Organized under the umbrella of the Stormwater, Harbours and Watersheds Program, the workshop emphasis was on municipal implementation, particularly funding, bylaws and other tools available to municipalities to work towards innovative rainwater management.

The workshop featured case studies from both sides of the Georgia Basin, thereby facilitating a sharing of experiences. To read the complete story, click on Rainwater Management in the Georgia Basin: Capital Regional District workshop celebrates on-the-ground successes.


City of Langford Rainwater Management: Managing Risk…Learning by Doing… Adapting…

From its inception in 1992, the City of Langford embraced a philosophy of managing risk and learning by doing. This has become the corporate culture. A corporate culture that is willing to accept and then manage risk with regards to infrastructure standards can open the door to creativity, innovation – and its rewards. The Langford experience is a case study application of how to implement Adaptive Management  as envisioned in Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia.

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To download a copy of the presentation by John Manson, City Engineer, click on CRD 11 - john mansonthis link to City of Langford Rainwater Management: Managing Risk…Learning by Doing…Adapting…

Langford was one of four case studies featured at the Creating Our Future Workshop  that was held on June 3rd in conjunction with the Gaining Ground Summit in Victoria. The workshop was a consultation opportunity for Vancouver Island local governments that are interested in implementing infrastructure practices and regulation that result in green value ; and set the stage for the 2007 Showcasing Innovation Series and 2007 Green Infrastructure Leadership Forum .


Posted August 2008

Originally posted on the Green Infrastructure Community-of-Interest in December 2007