Silver Ridge in Maple Ridge is a unique application of Low Impact Residential Development


CRD 30 - georgia basin

In November 2007, the Capital Regional District  hosted a full-day workshop titled Bio/Infiltration: Tools for Rainwater Management. Organized under the umbrella of the Stormwater, Harbours and Watersheds Program, the workshop emphasis was on municipal implementation, particularly funding, bylaws and other tools available to municipalities to work towards innovative rainwater management.

The workshop featured case studies from both sides of the Georgia Basin, thereby facilitating a sharing of experiences. To read the complete story, click on Rainwater Management in the Georgia Basin: Capital Regional District workshop celebrates on-the-ground successes.


An Introduction to Silver Ridge

Silver Ridge in Maple Ridge is a mixed density residential comprising 393 units constructed on 34 hectares. The site topography is relatively steep with lot grades ranging from 5% to 25% and road grades ranging from 2% to 15%. The site discharges to an important fish-bearing creek and environmentally sensitive bog.

CRD 19 - silver ridge location map

CRD 18 - silver ridge highlights

The plan for rainwater management included a combination of on-lot and roadside volume reduction and water quality controls. The implementation of low impact development measures on steep topography makes this project unique:

  • On-lot controls included disconnected roof leaders, absorbent soils, rock pits, and rain gardens.
  • Roadside controls included rain gardens.

CRD 10 - chris johnstonChris Johnston, consulting water resource engineer, described the details of the plan and facilities that were designed and constructed to ensure the development would meet the required drainage and rainwater management criteria. He also presented the preliminary performance monitoring results for the roadside rain gardens. To download a copy of his presentation, click on this link to Silver Ridge Low Impact Residential Development.

CRD 20 - silver ridge monitoring results


Posted August 2008

Originally posted on the Green Infrastructure Community-of-Interest in December 2007