Companion Website: Convening for Action community-of-interest promotes 'water-centric' approach to community development


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Under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, the Convening for Action Community-of-Interest is the web delivery vehicle for informing British Columbians about the process for moving forward with an array of partnerships that promote a 'water-centric' approach to community planning and development. Primary partnerships include:

Through outreach and education, the shared vision of these partnerships is to influence land and water practitioners to learn about and use practices that better balance the necessary relationships of settlement activity and ecological assets in local and regional landscapes.


Convening for Action in British Columbia

The Convening for Action in British Columbia initiative was formally launched in February 2005 at a Kelowna conference. The Convening for Action vision is that water sustainability in British Columbia will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies, practices and standards. This provincial initiative supports innovation on-the-ground, and is comprised of three regional pilot programs:

The Convening for Action program is providing local governments and practitioners with the tools and experience to better manage land and water resources – for example, tools developed under the Action Plan umbrella include the Water Balance Model for British Columbia and the Water Bucket Website. Furthermore, the Convening for Action process is laying the groundwork for turning ideas into action by building capacity and understanding regarding integration of long-term, strategic planning and the implementation of physical infrastructure.


Posted August 2008