Risk Management

    Create Liveable Communities and Protect Stream Health: Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO integrates the site with the watershed and the stream

    'Runoff' is the newletter for the British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association. The April 2008 issue included an article about the launch of the “new Water Balance Model”. The article highlighted several key messages regarding the significance and relevance of integrating the Water Balance Model with QUALHYMO to achieve provincial policy objectives.

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    Smart Development Partnerships Promote Better Land Use Decisions

    Partnerships between those who plan and those who invest have the potential to result in better decisions for local governments and also benefit provincial areas of interest. Facilitating these partnerships is an integral part of the Ministry of Comnmunity Servcices' work to support local governments in their efforts to plan and make land-use decisions to benefit their communities.

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    Water Balance Model

    Developed by a BC-based Inter-Governmental Partnership as an extension of Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia, the Water Balance Model for Canada enables users to compare scenarios for rainwater runoff volume reduction in order to achieve a light 'hydrologic footprint'. The tool is developed by a consortium of local, regional, provincial and federal agencies.

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