Although the energy-intensive nature of providing water services is often unrecognized, these activities consume enormous amounts of power and fuel. The good news is that water conservation and efficiency opportunities are abundant.

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    Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership

    The mission of the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership is to protect and maintain the integrity of the natural environment while promoting the growth, prosperity and quality of life of Alberta’s communities. Implementation of low impact development practices will lead to healthier, more sustainable watersheds.

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    Low Impact Development – 2005 Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound

    The Puget Sound Partnership is a community effort of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists and businesses working together to restore and protect Puget Sound. The charge given to the Puget Sound Partnership by Governor Gregoire and the Legislature is to create a real Action Agenda that turns things around and leads to a healthy Puget Sound. The goal is to make Puget Sound healthy again, and create a roadmap for how to get it done. One of the products developed by the Partnership is a Low Impact Development Technical Guidance Manual.

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    Using Rainwater to Grow Livable Communities

    The approach to stormwater management in the United States has evolved from a focus on rapid conveyance and disposal of runoff to an emphasis on using natural systems to minimize hydrologic and pollutant impacts from developed areas. “Using Rainwater to Grow Livable Communities”, a project undertaken by the Water Environment Research Foundation, explored the benefits and key factors influencing the success of stormwater best management practices. In addition, the project developed a website to ease the integration of best practices into development projects.

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