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    Create Liveable Communities and Protect Stream Health: Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO integrates the site with the watershed and the stream

    'Runoff' is the newletter for the British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association. The April 2008 issue included an article about the launch of the “new Water Balance Model”. The article highlighted several key messages regarding the significance and relevance of integrating the Water Balance Model with QUALHYMO to achieve provincial policy objectives.

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    Summary Report on Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island: The 2007 Series

    The goal in showcasing innovation and celebrating successes is to promote networking, build regional capacity, and move ‘from awareness to action’ – through sharing of green infrastructure approaches, tools, experiences and lessons learned as an outcome of designing with nature. “Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island: The 2007 Series” elaborates on what was accomplished at each of three events.

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    Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities

    The Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities is the longest established area association under the umbrella of UBCM. This area association was established in 1950. It now has a membership of 49 municipalities and regional districts which stretch from the Central Coast Regional District down to the tip of Vancouver Island and include Powell River and the Sunshine Coast. The association deals with issues and concerns that affect large urban areas to small rural communities.

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    The Water, Energy and Environment Nexus

    We get energy from water, and we use energy to supply, treat and use water. Water use involves significant energy inputs which must be considered. The solutions to water and energy management issues require that decision-makers, policy leaders, and the public better understand the relationship between water and energy and take the necessary steps to ensure the sustainable supply and use of these resources.

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