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    Nature’s Revenue Streams

    Nature's Revenue Streams (NRS) is a 3-year public-private pilot project, based in Saanich BC, that will link rainwater infrastructure to the restoration of stream and watershed function. The project will show how urban development can be used as an opportunity to improve watershed and stream health, build/restore aquatic habitat and reduce infrastructure costs for developers and the municipality while also addressing rainwater runoff.

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    Smart Growth BC

    Smart Growth BC is a non-governmental organization devoted to fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible land use and development. We work throughout the province with community groups, businesses, developers, planners, municipalities and the public to create more livable communities in British Columbia.

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    Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

    In 1957, the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority was formed, replacing four smaller authorities. In December of 1997, Bill 148 amended the Conservation Authorities Act changing the name of the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, reflecting the amalgamation of the former cities and borough within Metropolitan Toronto. Since its formation Toronto and Region Conservation has prepared and delivered programs for the management of the renewable natural resources within its watersheds.

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    Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia

    The Real Estate Foundation is a philanthropic organization created in 1985 by an amendment to the Real Estate Act. The Foundation's mission is to support sustainable real estate and land use practices for the benefit of British Columbians.

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    West Coast Environmental Law

    West Coast Environmental Law is BC's legal champion for the environment. Through legal advice, education and advocacy, West Coast provides citizens and organizations with the knowledge, tools and innovative solutions needed to protect our environment and build sustainability locally, nationally and internationally.

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    ‘Green Value’ strategy for Vancouver Island launched at the ‘Creating Our Future Workshop’

    The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia is pursuing a strategy to persuade local governments on Vancouver Island to adopt “green value” approaches to planning for and accommodating settlement growth. The Foundation uses the term “green value” as a generic reference to use and conservation of land and real estate that achieves social and economic goals while minimizing harmful effects on ecological assets.

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