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    Making Nature Count in the Town of Gibsons – celebrating and showcasing 5 years of leading by example

    “Our eco-assets journey began in 2012,” stated Emanuel Machado. “The triggering event was the release of the Gibsons Aquifer Mapping Study. Shortly afterwards the Town changed the definition of infrastructure and formally acknowledged the need to understand and manage (eco)systems and not simply individual infrastructure assets. This action led directly to the Gibsons Eco-Asset Strategy.”

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    “The Plan for the Future” guides enhancement of web-based Water Balance Model

    Released in November 2009, ‘Water Balance Model for Canada – The Plan for the Future’ is a comprehensive document that will guide tool enhancement over the next three years. “In Alberta, the Water for Life Strategy and Land Stewardship Act provide a framework for efforts that will help Alberta achieve a better balance between economic growth and environmental / social values,” stated Liliana Bozic. “Water for Life and the Land Stewardship Act promote sustainable use of water resources in Alberta.”

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    Water Balance Model now resides within the ‘Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia’, a non-profit society

    “Formation of the society is a pivotal milestone in the history of the WBM. Over the years, various people have asked us who owns the WBM. Now when we answer ‘the Partnership owns it’, it will be crystal clear to everyone that the Partnership is in fact a legal entity. This evolution is important to our funders becauses it increases our ability to obtain grants for ongoing enhancement of WBM capabilities,” stated Ted van der Gulik.

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    ‘Green’ Streets in the City of Vancouver

    “The City of Vancouver is proud to have contributed to the ‘working with nature’ philosophy and applying the principles of the Water Balance Model to the Olympic Village project and the East Fraserlands redevelopment project,” stated David Desrochers.

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