Bernadette O’Connor

    ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE SERVICE DELIVERY IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “There has been much talk recently about including natural assets and green infrastructure in asset registers and asset management plans. However, to do this, you need to determine appropriate values for assets in these categories,” wrote Bernadette O’Connor, Editor, in the Summer 2021 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter

    “Each natural / green asset can be recorded in a similar way to built assets. Many natural assets, however, will not have a beginning date and they will not have a fixed lifespan. For example, assets such as open waterways are maintained in perpetuity. Once natural / green assets are listed in an asset register  or inventory, you need to consider how to report the current value, the replacement value, and if the asset is to be included or excluded from a replacement program,” stated Bernadette O’Connor.

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