West Coast Environmental Law

    West Coast Environmental Law is BC's legal champion for the environment. Through legal advice, education and advocacy, West Coast provides citizens and organizations with the knowledge, tools and innovative solutions needed to protect our environment and build sustainability locally, nationally and internationally.

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    Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

    The MMCD Association is a Non-Profit Society, funded by BC municipalities and other users to bring well defined, systematic and continuously improving construction documents for construction of roads, sidewalks, sewers, water, traffic signals and street lighting.

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    Celebrating Green Infrastructure: Summary Report on 2006 Showcasing Innovation Series

    The goal of the Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program is to build regional capacity through sharing of green infrastructure approaches, experiences and lessons learned as an outcome of ‘designing with nature'. The program was launched in May 2006 in the Greater Vancouver region as a provincial pilot. The intention is that local governments on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan regions will undertake similar initiatives.

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    Water – Choosing Sustainability for Life and Livelihoods

    The issue of how to accommodate a doubling of the population in the high growth regions of British Columbia is the driver for implementing changes in the way we develop land and use water. Conversations with elected officials are yielding insights that are shaping implementation of Convening for Action pilot programs in three regions of British Columbia, namely: the Okanagan, Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver.

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    ‘Green Value’ strategy for Vancouver Island launched at the ‘Creating Our Future Workshop’

    The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia is pursuing a strategy to persuade local governments on Vancouver Island to adopt “green value” approaches to planning for and accommodating settlement growth. The Foundation uses the term “green value” as a generic reference to use and conservation of land and real estate that achieves social and economic goals while minimizing harmful effects on ecological assets.

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