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Beyond the Guidebook: “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO”

The Water Balance Model for Canada is being integrated with QUALHYMO in order to provide practitioners with a ‘runoff-based tool’ for source control evaluation and stream health assessment. The ‘runoff-based approach’ holds the key to assessing environmental impacts in watercourses and the effectiveness of mitigation techniques. The desire to mitigate environmental impacts has provided a driver for the “Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO”.

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Vancouver Valuation Summit : The Evolving Business Case for Valuation and Sustainability

Senior executives from the most influential bodies responsible for international valuation standards came together for the first time with key industry stakeholders, heads of global green building councils, top level surveyors, appraisers, international agencies and senior government policy makers to discuss the critical importance for communities and economies as a whole of integrating sustainability into valuation and appraisal practices.

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Eco-Industrial Networking in the District of North Vancouver

Under the umbrella of the Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program, the first in the Showcasing Innovation Series was hosted by the District of North Vancouver in May 2006. The focus was on what the District believes it can systematically accomplish on-the-ground, at a community scale, through Eco-Industrial Networking. The emphasis in “showcasing innovation” was on the approach the District is developing through the Maplewood Community Plan to facilitate changes in how land is developed and/or redeveloped.

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Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program

Launched in May 2006, the goal of the Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program is to build regional capacity through sharing of green infrastructure approaches, experiences and lessons learned as an outcome of ‘designing with nature'.

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Implementing Green Infrastructure in British Columbia through Policies and Bylaws

At a GVRD Sustainability Community Breakfast, Susan Rutherford provided an overview of a guide that West Coast Environmental Law is developing. “The guide focus is on case studies / examples that demonstrate how local governments have addressed liability/risk concerns, and are moving forward with monitoring and adaptive management consistent with the approach/methodology laid out in Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia”, stated Susan Rutherford.

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