2006 thru 2010

FLASHBACK TO 2007: At Water Balance Model Partners Forum, the BC Ministry of Environment’s Peter Law introduced “Develop with Care” to a Metro Vancouver audience

“Decisions related to urban and rural land development in this province are shared by many; therefore, this document is intended to support and encourage good decision making by all those involved in land development in British Columbia. Develop with Care emphasizes the use of the Water Balance Model to achieve desired rainwater management outcomes”, stated Peter Law.

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Application of the “DFO Urban Stormwater Guidelines” has evolved over the past decade to protect stream health

“It helps to look back to understand how we got to here. In 2000, DFO released Urban Stormwater Guidelines and Best Management Practices for Protection of Fish and Fish Habitat. It got practitioners thinking about how to capture rainfall in order to reduce runoff volume and protect water quality,” states Corinio Salomi. “The objective is protect stream health, which is broader than how much volume one can infiltrate on a particular development.”

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