Implementation of Green Projects in British Columbia and Beyond

Source and on-site controls for municipal drainage systems

The National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure recently released another in its “best practice” series. “Source and On-Site Controls for Municipal Drainage Systems” provides a brief overview of the rationale behind stormwater management programs, and explains why implementing run-off controls is important in a sustainable development context.

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North Vancouver

The Silva Building in the City of North Vancouver is the first residential building in Canada to achieve this certification, and represents the City’s commitment to pursue opportunities that support its goals for a sustainable community.

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Lantzville introduces low-impact development bylaw

The District of Lantzville is one of B.C.’s newest municipalities and the first incorporation of the new millennium. A key task is to develop its own policies and, in particular, establish standards for anticipated development. As a coastal community in a semi-rural setting, but also in a growing region, it is important to the community of Lantzville to ensure that future growth adheres to strong environmental standards.

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Assessing the value of natural capital in the Lower Fraser Valley

The term 'natural capital' refers to a region’s natural, environmental, and ecosystem resources, and land. It is capital because it contributes goods and services necessary for environmental and economic health. In addition to some of the more obvious benefits of environmental conservation such as habitat preservation, flood control, and ensuring water quality, there are significant financial benefits. Assigning a monetary value to our natural resources creates another motivation for environmental preservation and restoration.

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