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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Releases “Green Pages: 2014 Green Roof & Wall Industry Directory”

“Green Pages is the first comprehensive listing of Green Roof Professionals and corporate members and it will be a great resource to anyone looking for help with their green roof or wall project. Hard copy and digital issues provide numerous opportunities for widespread distribution in an industry that continues to receive double digit growth each year,” said Steven Peck.

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Low Carbon Auckland: Buildings and Green Infrastructure

The challenge, says Alex Cutler, is to convince developers and home builders that green is the new normal. “With what we know about the principles of designing and building for energy efficiency, and the statistics connecting poor respiratory health with damp, mouldy homes, the building and construction sector possesses a significant opportunity to address the challenge,” says Cutler.

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Urban Agriculture Blossoms in Ballard, Washington – Greenfire Campus used the Living Building Challenge as its roadmap

“The innovative rainwater management approach strives to create a built condition that mimics nature through the use of features that maintain or restore a site’s natural hydrologic conditions, achieving an effective net zero amount of impervious surfaces. The Earth, just like all forms of life, needs to be able to breathe and take in water in order to maintain or restore its health,” writes Mark Buehrer.

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Green Roofs in Nanaimo: A Unique Partnership has Precedent-Setting Research Objectives

“Green roofs have an immense potential for offsetting carbon emissions originating from building operations. This type of research had not been attempted before. In fact, we are still at the forefront. Although industries are currently able to calculate their carbon emission rates related to building operations, ways to calculate their carbon offset potentials are limited,” says Dr. David Gaumont-Guay.

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The coolest green infrastructure you are likely to see

“Today, I came across maybe the best example I have seen. It is certainly the best I have seen integrated into a vertical wall; this is key in downtown districts, where green space on the ground can be hard to come by,” writes Kaid Benfield.

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