Unique Partnership Creates Community Rain Garden at Cougar Canyon Elementary School in Delta, BC

When the Corporation of Delta hosted the first event in “Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation in Metro Vancouver: The 2007 Series”, those who attended were impressed by what has been accomplished at Cougar Canyon Elementary School. A unique partnership has established a template for involving the municipality, schools and a neighbourhood in creating community rain gardens to protect the health of downstream creeks.

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Courtenay is the first BC municipality to implement a ‘Soil Depth Policy’ for rainwater management

Courtenay was the first British Columbia municipality to implement a policy requiring a minimum soil depth on development sites for reduction of rainwater runoff volume. “Because the City places importance on the soil sponge as a rainwater management tool, we are currently exploring options to ensure that developers and house builders fulfil their obligations to provide and preserve the minimum required depth,” stated Sandy Pridmore.

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Reducing Negative Affects of Urban Development will be the focus of Cochrane Low Impact Development Conference

“LID is a practical and cost-effective approach to reducing and/or better managing the impacts of urbanization on our landscape in order to leave a better place for our children and grandchildren,” stated Bert van Duin. “The urban environments that we can build for them using LID will be healthier, more sustainable and use less natural resources then the ones we grew up in. “

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