Water Balance Model can create an understanding of the past and compare it to many possible futures

“To specifically answer the question, you can start with the forested condition even though some or all of the trees have been removed,” stated Jim Dumont. “This will provide you with an opportunity to compare what was lost to what might have been, and in so doing allow you to create a vision of the future watershed. For the purposes of a Water Balance Model simulation, the starting scenario can be the watershed in any state, whether that is forested, existing urban, future planning, or just about any condition that you may wish to assess. “

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Role of building inspectors in green infrastructure: “To get to the big picture, it starts with the smallest pieces”

“We are looking at our building inspectors doing more than just inspecting plumbing and buildings. We want them to be more involved at the front-end of the process, not the back-end when the building is being built. We want them involved at the subdivision stage so that they understand what we want to achieve. In other words, it is more than just a building going up, The building permit is for the site. The site needs to be managed,” stated Kevin Lagan.

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Rainwater reporting for toilet duty in Malaysia

While its uses are well known in rural areas where open jars on rooftops are the norm, urban Malaysia is just beginning to reap its benefits. Lecturer Norhaiza Nordin of University College of Engineering and Technology in Kuantan said that proper use of rainwater under the Rain Water Management System could minimise erosion and flooding.

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