2017 posts

ASSET MANAGEMENT BC NEWSLETTER (September 2017): “Climate risks are another layer of risk to consider in the management of assets,” stated Dr. Guy Felicio

“Lack of data and certainty has not stopped municipalities from providing services, managing their assets, and making effective and efficient use of their scarce resources. Extreme weather and future climate uncertainty is another variable to consider; but where to start? There are no reasons not to consider climate uncertainty in asset management. Ultimately, the focus is on the service and the community, and ensuring critical assets maintain functionality during the extreme event, and recover quickly any functionality lost!”

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ARTICLE: “Blue Ecology is aligned with the whole-system, water balance vision for restoring ‘Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management’,” wrote Kim Stephens in an article published in the Asset Management BC Newsletter (September 2017)

“Hydrologists and water managers can help build a brighter future by rediscovering the meaning of water, and interweaving the predominant Western analytical models with the more intuitive indigenous models. Blue Ecology’s philosophy is meant to be the bridge between these two cultural ways of knowing,” stated Michael Blackstock. He developed Blue Ecology, an ecological philosophy that is recognized by UNESCO.

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ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE SERVICE DELIVERY: Governments of Canada and British Columbia fund Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative

“The BC Framework sets a strategic direction that refocuses business processes on outcomes that reduce life-cycle costs and risks. It links local government services, infrastructure that supports service delivery, and watershed health,” stated the Hon. Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. “The program goals for the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative are aligned with this strategic direction.”

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DOWNLOAD: “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management” – Local stream stewardship volunteers may yet be the difference-maker (Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC, Feb 2017)

“As we learn more about what influences early salmon life history, stewardship groups are asking questions of their local governments about the linkages between small stream habitat destruction and land developments. Now, the scope of their involvement and influence is expanding beyond the creek channel,” stated Peter Law. “Looking ahead, an informed stewardship sector could help accelerate implementation of the whole-system approach.”

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