BRITISH COLUMBIA’S 2023 ELECTED OFFICIALS SEMINAR SERIES: “Asset management focused on sustainable service delivery is fundamental to helping local government and First Nation communities achieve their primary purposes,” wrote David Allen, Executive Director (Winter 2023 issue of Asset Management BC Newsletter)

The Winter 2023 edition of the Asset Management BC Newsletter includes an article by David Allen, Executive Director of Asset Management BC. The theme for the Winter 2023 edition is Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: Why Should Council Care? In his article, David Allen describes the role of  Asset Management BC in supporting the Elected Officials Seminar Series (EOS). It is held every four years after the local government elections.


Why BC’s local government elected officials need to be leading Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery in their Communities

“Local Government CAOs/City Managers, and First Nation Senior Administrators have a significant leadership role in operationalizing organization-wide asset management, by leading and supporting a positive organizational culture, ensuring optimal organizational alignment, and working with their elected leaders to ensure staff competencies and capacity are adequately resourced,” wrote David Allen. He was the Chief Administrative Officer with the City of Courtenay before his retirement from local government.

2023 Elected Officials Seminar Series

“BC’s Local Government Leadership Academy was one of the first local government organizations to recognize the importance of leadership in “stewardship” and the important role of asset management as the path to sustainable service delivery.”

“Held every four years, following the BC local government elections, the Elected Officials Seminar series organized by the Academy includes stops in each of UBCM’s five Area Associations, providing a 3-day orientation and networking program on roles and responsibilities, stewardship, and good governance.”


To read the complete article, download the Winter 2023 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter.