WHAT’S IN A WORD: “For decades we have trained our elected officials how to think and what to do with a plan. But now, with the Asset Management Plan, we want them to do something completely different. No wonder they are confused,” stated Wally Wells (Winter 2022 issue of Asset Management BC Newsletter)

Note to Reader:

A new feature in the Asset Management BC Newsletter is an opinion column by Wally Wells. Titled What’s In a WORD, the column is an opportunity for Wally Wells to draw attention to how we use (or perhaps mis-use) words. The Winter 2022 issue of the newsletter includes an article about the word ‘Plan’.

What’s in a WORD: The word ‘Plan’

“This column addresses our language of asset management and the use of terms. Do we use them correctly or are we creating a new language and meaning when it is not necessary? Is this part of our communications problem? I think so. Based on dialogue with many, this article reflects the writer’s opinion of what we see and hear,” wrote Wally Wells, Executive Director, Asset Management BC.

“Asset Management, itself, is an awkward term. We have managed assets for decades and understand what that is and what we are doing. Suddenly we took two very simple words, reversed them, and went from managing assets to asset management. The result? We confused everyone.”


To read the complete article, download a copy of the column by Wally Wells in the Winter 2022 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter.