ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE SERVICE DELIVERY IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “Asset management reduces my risk and gives me confidence so I can focus on optimization, performance and efficiency at the Wastewater Treatment Plant,” stated Anna Agnew, the Town of Gibson’s level 4 lead operator, in an article written for the Asset Management BC Newsletter (October 2021)


The Fall 2021 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter includes an article by Anna Agnew,  t he Town of Gibson’s level 4 lead operator for water and wastewater operations. In the article, Anna Agnew shares the story of her asset management journey and the impact it has had on her work.

An Operator’s View on Operations and Maintenance, and Asset Management

“Imagine yourself as the lead water and wastewater operator at your organization,” wrote Anna Agnew in her opening sentence. “At the front lines of it all managing or preventing failures, one after the other. You know the system inside and out and have grown a professional pride and ownership over the system. However, potential mechanical failure or permit violation is always on your mind. You know you need a better system in place than you have. But when can you find the time?”

In the midst of this day in and day out, asset management felt overwhelming despite knowing. And I knew the value. I knew that a proactive maintenance program would extend the life of our infrastructure. I knew that a well set up software could create a more reliable system than my memory and sticky notes. All of this was to help me plan and communicate better, including communicating important business cases to management, not to mention spare parts inventory, corporate policies, and safety procedures.”

“We had the right combination of the people on the team, the right support and tools at the right time, a clear road map we set up, leadership’s support, and a stubbornness and commitment to the end goal. We started small by taking a close look at our existing and informal proactive processes before defining our roles and clear targets to meet throughout the process.”


To read the complete article by Anna Agnew, download a copy of An Operator’s View on Operations and Maintenance, and Asset Management