ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE SERVICE DELIVERY IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “By taking the long-term view we strive to address the renewal, maintenance and replacement needs of our assets while maintaining affordability and reliability for future generations,” stated Andy Wardell, Co-Chair of the Asset Management BC Community-of-Practice, in the Winter 2021 Newsletter


Asset Management – Service, Asset and Financial Sustainability

“Financial health and providing for a long-term sustainable future are top priorities for local governments. This paper profiles two key financial indicators that are integral to how the District of North Vancouver measures service, financial and asset sustainability,” wrote Andy Wardell, Chief Financial Officer for the District of North Vancouver, in an article published by Asset Management BC in its Winter 2021 Newsletter. Andy Wardell is also Co-Chair of the Asset Management BC Community-of-Practice.

“From a financial sustainability perspective, major components of our success include long-term financial plans, asset management plans, audited financial statements, key indicators and our ability to adapt our long-term plans following a set of guiding financial principles and financial strategies. From an asset management perspective these are all built on the work of our Asset Management Steering Committee.”


To read the complete article by Andy Wardell, download a copy of the Winter 2021 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter