ASSET MANAGEMENT, SERVICE DELIVERY, AND THE COVID-19 VIRUS: “The job of your Mayor and Council is to provide stewardship and governance over the organization that runs your community and provides you with safe, sustainable, secure services in a predictable, cost-effective manner NO MATTER WHAT SITUATION, CHALLENGE, OR GLOBAL CRISIS ARISES,” wrote Christina Benty, former Mayor of the Town of Golden (Asset Management BC Newsletter, Summer 2020)

Note to Reader:

The theme for the Summer 2020 edition of Asset Management BC’s Newsletter was “Asset Management, Service Delivery, and the COVID-19 Virus”. The issue included a set of four articles that specifically addressed this theme. One of the four was contributed by Christina Benty, a former Mayor of the Town of Golden.

Citizens, Politicians, Councils, Boards and the COVID Virus: A View from Christina Benty

To my Mayor and Council friends who are grappling with citizens who range from being understandably weary and nervous to down-right bullies, bring your non-anxious presence to the table and tell people what you are doing to protect the services they rely on everyday,” wrote Christina Benty.

“Tell them why it matters. Tell them that you are not going to build a straw house to create the illusion that you are doing something to make them feel better, but that you are going to do whatever it takes to ensure a sustainable future for them, their children, and their children’s children.

“Although it may not make sense in the immediate context of history, ‘seventh-generational’ thinking is more important than ever.”


To read the complete article by Christina Benty, download a copy of the Summer 2020 edition of Asset Management BC’s Newsletter, and scroll down to page 6.