ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE SERVICE DELIVERY IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: “In 2019, we updated the ‘Framework’ and added new supporting content in the form of four Primers that will support local governments in moving toward service, asset and financial sustainability,” stated Wally Wells, Executive Director, Asset Management BC

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Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework (The Framework) establishes a high-level, systematic approach that supports local governments in moving toward service, asset and financial sustainability through an asset management approach. The development of the Framework was led by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities in partnership with Asset Management BC.  The Framework has been updated in 2019 and now includes 4 companion Primers.

Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery

“Asset Management is an integrated process, bringing together skills, expertise, and activities of People; with Information about a community’s physical Assets; and Finances; so that informed decisions can be made, supporting Sustainable Service Delivery,” states Wally Wells, Executive Director, Asset Management BC.

“Sustainable Service Delivery ensures that current community service needs, and how those services are delivered (in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner), do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“Communities build and maintain infrastructure to provide services. These services support our quality of life, protect our health and safety, and promote social, economic and environmental well-being.

“Failure to care for our infrastructure, manage our natural resources and protect the benefits provided by nature risks degrading, or even losing, the services communities enjoy, and that future generations may rely on.

“Sound asset management practices support Sustainable Service Delivery by considering community priorities, informed by an understanding of the trade-offs between the available resources and the desired services.

“This year we updated the ‘Framework’ and added new supporting content.”

Introduction to the BC Framework Primer Series

“Climate change and extreme weather events can have a major impact on use, condition and potential replacement of assets. A primer on “Climate Change and Asset Management” has been prepared to guide you through this area.

“Future land use decisions can have a significant impact on sustainable service delivery, asset needs, and consequently short- and longterm financing and costs. A primer entitled “Land Use Planning and Asset Management” outlines how to apply these principles and provides reference to tools for your use.

“The third subject area is natural assets. The role of natural assets in our communities is not well understood. Significant work has been done on the integration of natural assets into the overall asset management program. We have issued a primer to help you entitled “Integrating Natural Asset into Asset Management”.

“The fourth area is a very important one, operations and maintenance. We have seen Councils repeatedly cut maintenance budgets with the impact of under-funding maintenance affecting performance of the assets. The primer entitled “The Role of Operations and Maintenance in Asset Management” will help integrate operations and maintenance considerations for life cycle planning into all asset management components.”

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Read this announcement: GUIDANCE DOCUMENT: “Primer on Integrating Natural Assets into Asset Management” builds on foundations established by two initiatives – EAP, Ecological Accounting Process; and MNAI, Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (released by Asset Management BC, September 2019)