GUIDANCE DOCUMENT: “The core document for asset management for BC local governments is ‘Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework’,” stated Glen Brown, Chair, Asset Management BC

Note to Reader:

The term Sustainable Service Delivery was coined in 2010. It was introduced by the BC provincial government to integrate financial accountability, infrastructure sustainability and service delivery. The Worth Every Penny Workshop hosted by the Regional District of Nanaimo in September 2010 initiated the branding of the concept.

Released in December 2014, the “Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework (Short Version)” established a high-level, systematic approach that supports local governments in moving toward service, asset and financial sustainability through an asset management approach.  Development of the Framework was led by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) in partnership with Asset Management BC (AMBC).

The Framework is a living document. Recognizing that best practices change and are updated, the Framework will be periodically updated. In 2019, the first update of the Framework was released in conjunction with the annual UBCM convention.

Asset Management BC released updated ‘Framework’ in September 2019

“The core document for asset management for BC local governments is ‘Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework’. The framework provides the basis for the entire asset management process for our local governments to follow. Funding agencies, as part of funding applications, request communities to identify where they are within the asset management process using the framework,” stated Glen Brown, Chair, Asset Management BC.

“While much attention and discussion focus on the Asset Management plan or plans, there is much more to the process than just the plan. In fact, for Council, the implementation strategy and long-term financial plan are more important documents than the asset management plan itself.”

What’s in a Title?

“The title of the Framework is deliberate and important. The ‘function’ and responsibility of Municipal Councils and Regional Boards of Directors is Sustainable Service Delivery. The process to support decision making is Asset Management,” continued Brian Bedford, Co-Chair. He is the Director, Infrastructure & Engineering, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

“There are many steps, all of which are important, starting with the people and the team. The framework is designed as wheel as there is a beginning but no end to the process as long as we have local governments and as long as we need assets to provide services.

Framework is written in ‘Lay Person English’

“Communicating, monitoring, improving, and reporting continues every year. A long-term goal is to have the asset management strategy updated and presented to Council every year along with the budget and long-term financial plan,” added Wally Wells, Executive Director.

“The framework document contains several pages of text to help you understand and deliver each component. A short version outlining the fundamentals of People, Information, Assets, and Finance is also available. This version is written in lay person English and is intended for use by Councils, Boards of Directors and the public.

“In 2019, we updated the ‘Framework’ and added new supporting content in the form of four Primers.”

To Learn More:

The Framework recognizes there are many components within the asset management process and provides a circular, continuous pathway to link all components of the process together. Download a copy of Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework