Truly Sustainable Cities Are All About Balance: “Smart urban growth hailed by global organizations is not always a smart move for nature,” wrote Vitaliy Soloviy in an article posted by Sustainability Times

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Below are extracts from an article by Vitaliy Soloviy, a Ukrainian writer. Most of his work revolves around the circular economy, climate change, sustainable business transformations, behavioral change, and social innovation. He is a co-founder of Garbage 31, a stunning visual guide to the best circular economy solutions for everyday life and a co-author of a book on sustainability education for Ukrainian colleges.

Truly Sustainable Cities Are All About Balance

“New urban developments kick off daily. But are we getting closer to sustainable city ideals? How many of places with an abundance of greenery and smart tech are really cases of sustainable humans flourishing?,” wrote Vitaliy Soloviy in his article titled Truly sustainable cities are all about balance.

“Surprisingly, the most sustainable cities of today are not new, futuristic projects, but those with centuries of history.

“Particularly relevant is the case of London. Known once as one of the most polluted cities in the world, it has recently adopted ambitious strategies on climate neutrality, renewables and green transport, showing that even old cities can embark on sustainability transformations.”

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